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Dental Laboratory

This is where your new teeth will be made. The dentists decides with you what the best treatment will be, they then send us an impression of your mouth after preparing the teeth. We fill this impression with a specially mixed high strength plaster to obtain a precise replica of your mouth. We can then make your new teeth on this replica.


i-esthetic is a trademark of SBO Dental Laboratory Ltd. It is a restoration that couples the most advanced computer and CADCAM milling technology available today with a dental technician's artistic skills to produce the finest restorations possible. All the following restorations can be made using the i-esthetic be sure to ask for it by name when you visit the dentist for your new smile. Click here to find a dentist that can provide i-esthetic. Click here to visit the i-esthetic website’


Caps or crowns

Caps are the colloquial name for crowns. Crowns are a full coverage (often procelain) restoration that totally replaces everything you can see of your natural tooth. The dentist will delicately trim your natural tooth to a stump and we will replace the removed tooth structure with a new crown. Click here to find a cosmetic dentist that can provide crowns


Dental veneers are a more conservative option as less natural tooth is removed. They are literally as the name suggests, a thin veneer of ceramic that is hand crafted to exactly fit over your existing teeth and give you a cosmetic enhancement. Veneers can be used to straighten teeth, give yourself white teeth, hide discoloured teeth or simply to change the way your teeth look altogether. Click here to find a cosmetic dentist that can provide veneers.


These are used when natural teeth are missing. An implant, usually titanium, is inserted by the surgeon in to the bone. This then gives us a new root to build your new crown on to. Sometimes we use 4-6 implants and join them together to make a bridge or denture that clips in place. Click here to find a dentist that can provide implants.


This is a laboratory made white filling. The dentist generally has 3 options when there are small areas of decay in a natural tooth, a dark silver grey amalgam filling could be used or the dentist could place tooth coloured composite directly in to your tooth and set it with a high power light.

An alternative to this is the dentist takes and impression of the void in your tooth, and sends it to us. We can then craft a highly accurate porcelain filling that is very high strength with brilliant aesthetics - this will then disappear completely when would ever know...except you! Click here to find a dentist that can provide inlays.


Porcelain or ceramic is the material of choice to restore your teeth in most cases. Modern materials are very natural and extremely strong. We use porcelain manufactured by Vita.


Dentures, or false teeth as they are commonly known as have come a long way in recent years. We can now make dentures with bright hollwood white teeth and with hidden clasps or 'clips'. All our plastic gum work on the dentures we make is tinted to look like natural gum. Click here to find a dentist that can provide dentures.

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