Welcome to, this is a brand new FREE service designed to help you find a dentist that can help with your new smile.

Aims and objectives of this website

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect smile? Or thought that your old crown is too ugly and needs replacing? Or wished you could get rid of those ugly silver fillings?

Yes!!..Then this is why this site has been set up, we are here to introduce you to a cosmetic dentist that can help, all the independant dentists on this site use SBO Dental Laboratory, this is one of the best and most respected laboratories in the UK so you are sure to get the highest quality with the best service.

How does it work?

Simply take a leisurely browse around our website and when you feel ready fill in the form on the new smile page, we have contacts with dentists all round the UK (but mainly dentists in London), you will then receive an email allowing you to download the free list of dentists. The dentists will not be informed of your enquiry so you will not receive unwanted calls.

Why is the service free?

We are not a group of dentists, we do not employ dentists and no dentists have paid or are being paid to be included on this site. We make our money by charging the dentist for any work you decide to have done (Our company will be making your new teeth), you will pay the dentist their usual rate for the treatment. This site is a new way of introducing patients to dentists and ensuring your new smile is created by one of the UKs premiere dental laboratories.

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